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Paralized website developer from Karaganda Oblast 04 июля 2014, 10:46

A fully handicapped man from Kazakhstan became a successful programmer.
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Ruslan Valiullin.Photo courtesy of Express-K Ruslan Valiullin.Photo courtesy of Express-K

Karaganda Oblast native Ruslan Valiullin is a prime example of immense will and optimism. Despite being fully handicapped, Ruslan became a successful programmer, Tengrinews reports citing Express-K.

Ruslan was not always handicapped. When he was a child, he dreamed of being in the military. Later, Ruslan started boxing and training in wrestling. During his fourth year at the Kostanai Academy of the Ministry of the Interior Affairs he was drafted into a special corps Sunkar. But at the reserve training a fatal jump from a platform divided Ruslan’s life into before and after.

10 years have passed since the incident. Ruslan came in terms with the fact that he would never be able to walk. “I had to occupy myself with something. My parents bought me a computer and I started learning programming,” Ruslan said. His office/room are fully equipped for his needs. Ruslan has a special telephone set, a notebook with a large screen among other things. He uses a stick that he holds with his teeth to compensate for stiff fingers.

He has created over a dozen of websites and has more orders underway. His own website has gained some popularity and pays off through advertisement.

By Gyuzel Kamalova

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