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Kazakhstan among most unemotional nations in the world 08 сентября 2015, 18:42

According to the recent 2015 Global Emotions report compiled by the American Institute of Public Opinion Gallup, Kazakhstanis are among the most unemotional people in the world.
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According to the recent 2015 Global Emotions report compiled by the American Institute of Public Opinion Gallup, Kazakhstanis are among most unemotional people in the world. In fact, Kazakhstan is in Top 5 of the list, Tengrinews reports.

Experts conducted nearly 153,000 interviews in 148 countries around the world in 2014. The respondents were asked to report on five positive - feeling well-rested, being treated with respect, enjoyment, smiling and laughing a lot and learning or doing something interesting and five negative emotions, including anger, stress, sadness, physical pain and worry, they experienced the previous day. 

In Kazakhstan, only 41 percent of respondents felt all ten emotions. Post-Soviet countries largely dominate the bottom of the rating, "where at most four in 10 residents reported experiencing any of these feelings". Residents of Bangladesh (37 percent), Azerbaijan, Georgia and Mongolia (38 percent),  Belarus and Sudan (39 percent) make the list of the least emotional nations.

Latin Americans turned out to be the most emotional people in the world - nearly six in ten residents said they had experienced positive or negative feelings the day before. Bolivia and El Salvador (59 percent) lead the ranking, followed by Ecuador, the Philippines, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Iraq, Cambodia, Colombia, Costa Rica and Honduras.

According to Gallup, positive and negative indexes are influenced by the major events happening around the world. For example, the Syrian crisis resulted in a tremendous decline in positive emotions among Syrian people in 2013, the sharpest fall Gallup had seen so far. Similarly, because of the economic collapse in Greece, many people reported experiencing two times more negative emotions. 

Surely, people, who are in a good well-being and have stable economic conditions as well as personal freedom tend to feel more positive feelings.

The ranking may be of particular interest to the countries' governments as a metrics for human development, because it gauges how people around the world are experiencing their lives by going beyond typical economic indicators as GDP or income, but rather focusing on non-monetary aspects.

Kazakhstan often ends up among the least emotional nations, for example, in 2012, Kazakhstan was ranked third.  

By Assel Satubaldina


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