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Kazakh kawaii Sabina Altynbekova transfers to Japanese GSS Sunbeams 30 сентября 2015, 18:52

Sabina Altynbekova, Kazakhstan's most popular volleyball player, is transferring to Japanese GSS Sunbeams club.
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Kawaii Sabina Altynbekova's fan art. Kawaii Sabina Altynbekova's fan art.

Sabina Altynbekova, a good-looking Kazakhstani volleyball player, has been showered with public attention since she was branded the prettiest player at the Asian Championship in 2014. In turn, the 18 y.o. Sabina stressed that the sport had the number one place for her and she was not interested in a modeling career. 

Now Sabina is transferring to Japanese GSS Sunbeams club, Tengrinews reported citing Vesti.kz.

According to Kazakhstan's Volleyball Federation, Altynbekova joined the Japanese club and has been training there since August. But the Tokyo based club has officially announced signing a contract with the Kazakhstani volleyball player only recently. 

Sabina's mother Nuripe Altynbekova commented on the transfer to the Japanese club in an interview with Vesti.kz. Mrs. Altynbekova clarified the details of the transfer. "The contract has not been signed yet. It is on the consideration stage. Kazakhstan’s Volleyball Federation is sending Sabina to Japan for advanced training. Besides, although she is going to Japan, Sabina will still be playing for the national team of Kazakhstan," Sabina's mother said.

The Japanese Club welcomes Sabina. Photo courtesy of instagram.com/altynbekova_20

Currently, the Kazakh volleyball player is at home. Mrs. Altynbekova explained that her daughter stayed in Tokyo for one month. "You know, they considered Sabina’s potential, qualifications and physical stats. The trainings (in Japan) were very difficult. She had to train every day for 8 hours. But it does not scare her. Sabina wants to prove that she is first and foremost a volleyball player, an athlete not just a beautiful girl. It is her choice and we, her family and the Federation, support it," the volleyball player's mother said.

GSS Sunbeams begins competing at the V. Challenge Ligue, it is the second volleyball division in Japan among women's teams.  

A lot of Kazakhstani fans criticized Sabina's decision to move to a Japanese club calling it unpatriotic. To this she replied: "The Club and the National Team are two deferent things" and reassured her fans that she would still play for Kazakhstan's national team and represent Kazakhstan at competitions. 

Sabina Altynbekova gained popularity during the Youth Championship in Asia in 2014. She was branded the most beautiful volleyball player in the world. In the few days following the Championship, she gained hundreds of thousands of fans on her social media. Despite the sudden attention from media, fans and offers from modeling agencies, Sabina decided to focus on the sport instead of pursing a modeling career.  

By Gyuzel Kamalova


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