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Kazakh community lives peacefully and luxuriously in London 16 июля 2012, 17:20

Journalists of Mir TV-channel found out how Kazakhstan businessmen and artists live in Great Britain.
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London view. Photo courtesy of news.nur.kz London view. Photo courtesy of news.nur.kz
Journalists of Mir TV-channel found out how Kazakhstan businessmen and artists live in Great Britain. It turned out that Kazakhs are treated in the United Kingdom just like the money-bags from Russia, however they behave less scandalous and flamboyant. “You will not find Kazakhs in the Society columns and Scandals of the Day of the newspapers. They live peacefully in Great Britain. Even the richest, so called “new Kazakhs” try to not stand out from the crowd. Yes, they have expensive yachts and cars, but unlike Russian tycoons, there is practically no information about them,” the channel’s website writes. Meanwhile, Kazakhs spend millions in Great Britain, buying elite real estate, but do not call London “Astana on the Thames”. They are not one of the favorite clients in British real estate agencies. “Just this week we have closed two deals with Kazakh clients. Kazakh students bought the housing. Of course, their parents bought it,” Director of Ashton Rose real estate company Inessa Falina says. Musician Eleonora Bekova left for London over 20 years ago following her younger sister, “As soon as I got off the plane, I had a feeling that I was finally home. The first thought I had was that I was home.” Now traditional Kazakh hats and tapestry with the national ornament in her apartment remind her of the motherland. The Bekova’s sisters Trio – cello, piano and violin – made the musical image of the Soviet Kazakhstan. The sisters keep touring and recording albums (the last album was release two weeks ago). On the weekends Eleonora gives free lessons to poor children. She also does charity and enjoys gardening. Mira Anafina owners the jewelry boutique Damiani located at one of London’s most expensive streets. She likes everything about London: rains, charity marathons and social events. Investment banker Kuat Andagulov graduated from London University and made a spectacular career. In London Kuat created a society that became a reference point for professionals from post soviet countries, he alsobecame a volunteer at the Olympics. Artist Aigana Gali has been living in Great Britain for 5 years. “I feel myself quite comfortably. I had several exhibitions. Right now I work on theater projects. I made the ballet design for Edward Watson,” she says. London has a place where one can try out plov, beshbarmak and other Kazakh dishes. According to Pasha restaurant’s director Nurgul Kandikarayeva, the only problem is to find the right ingredients: “We found rice noodles in Chinese restaurants. The chives, that looks like onions, are special too. The rest, like meat and stuff like that, we find in Turkish shops. So, it is possible to find everything.”

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