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How Americans see Kazakhstanis 15 сентября 2015, 18:40

Kazakhstanis never look like Kazakhstanis.
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Kazakhstanis never look like Kazakhstanis. At least, it is true when you travel abroad and being a Kazakhstani you are constantly mistaken for anyone but a Kazakhstani.

"Oh, Kazakhstan? But shouldn't you look more Russian?" confused Americans say if you look too Asian. "But you do not look Asian!" they say in no less confusion if you are of a Slavic or Caucasian descent.

What do others see aside from silly Borat-jokes, "too-Asianness" or lack of it when they meet Kazakhstanis?

Blogger Kalistan decided to show photos of Kazakhstani young women to Americans in New York and Washington asking to pick the prettiest one and to identify the ethnicity. The Kazakh blogger did not provide names of the chosen 30 young women. The photos were found randomly online.

"What beautiful young women we have in our country! Some of them you might recognize, some of them are unknown to you. I picked girls of Kazakh descent for the project. That is why I did not tell the polled people the country of residence. I showed them pictures asking to pick the prettiest girl and name her possible ethnicities," Kalista wrote on her blog. The top 9, according to the blogger, were the most popular in the survey.

1. Possible country of residence - France. Ethnicity - mixture of European and Asian, Uzbek or Brazilian.

2. Possible country of residence - Japan, Philippines or South Korea.

3. Possible country of residence - Latin American countries. Ethnicity - mixture of African and Asian or Native American.

4. Possible country of residence - Latin American countries or Japan. Only one person got it right and said Kazakhstan, Central Asia.

5. Possible country of residence - Turkey, Hungary or Denmark. Ethnicity - mixture of European and Asian.

6. Possible country of residence - Mongolia, Japan or Mexico. Ethnicity - mixture of Asian and European or Native American.

7. Possible country of residence - the USA. Ethnicity - mixture of British, Ukrainian, Latin American and UAE.

8. Possible country of residence - Turkey. Ethnicity - Arabic and Iranian.

9. Possible country of residence - Brazil. Ethnicity - mixture of African, European and Asian.

When the surveyed Americans learned about the country of residence (Kazakhstan), they were very surprised. "Some did not know where Kazakhstan was, some jokingly said they were packing their bags to go Kazakhstan," the blogger wrote.

By Gyuzel Kamalova


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