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He just moves to the beat: Kazakhstani construction worker's dance routine 19 июня 2014, 17:19

A Kazakhstani construction worker dances to get 280 thousand hits on YouTube.
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Photo© youtube.com Photo© youtube.com

Aidos Ibrayev is an ordinary construction worker in Almaty. In fact, he is not all that ordinary. His dance video has gone viral on YouTube and Daily Mail wrote a piece about Aidos and his dance moves.

In an interview, the 26 y.o Kazakh said that he would not mind earning some money on the sudden fame. “I don't mind being called Borat if it means I am going to be famous. I am actually a mix of Borat and Michael Jackson. I have the rhythm in me. I just have to dance, dance, dance,” AIdos said. He learned to dance when he was a kid by just linstening to music and moving to the beat.

Aidos added that Kazakhs know the moves too. “‘You don't have to be black or Brazilian to have the rhythm in your soul - people from Kazakhstan have got it too,” the dancer said.

The video was an idea of Aidos’s coworker at a construction site. He asked Aidos to dance as he usually did during a lunch break and recorded the video. The YouTube video gathered over 280 thousand views.

By Gyuzel Kamalova

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