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Every fifth high-ranking employee of law-enforcement authorities failed re-assessment tests 26 июня 2012, 15:48

Kazakhstan performs an unscheduled assessment of its law-enforcement authorities.
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Photo by Nazymgul Kumyspayeva© Photo by Nazymgul Kumyspayeva©
Every fifth high-ranking employee of law-enforcement authorities has failed the re-assessment tests, Tengrinews.kz reports citing Head of Law-Enforcement System Department of Kazakhstan Presidential Administration Alik Shpekbayev, who announced the results of the first stage of the unscheduled assessment of the personnel of law-enforcement authorities. "9 meetings of the supreme assessment commission were held and included interviews with 349 employees. 280 of them, i.e. 80 percent were assessed, including 24 people who were recommended for the personnel pool. 69 officials, i.e. every fifth, failed to pass the assessment. 29 of them were recommended for termination, 28 for demotion and 12 for transfer to another service," Shpekbayev said. According to him, 15 employees failed to score enough points in the legislation tests, 16 people did not pass the physical training tests, 45 failed the firing proficiency tests and 10 officials had a low level of psychological stability. "26 employees, understanding the high requirements of the supreme assessment commission, refused to take the tests and filed requests asking to release them from their positions and terminate their contracts," he said. The supreme assessment commission acknowledged 13 officials as well qualified for their positions and recommended them for rotation; contracts with 6 people will be terminated upon attainment of the maximum service age. Shpekbayev said that the management of Kazakhstan law-enforcement authorities would be renovated almost by one third. "Suggestions have been submitted to the President to increase the financial and social support to the employees, as well as to improve the applicable legislation and personnel policy in law-enforcement authorities," he added. The total of 98,617 officials will be assessed during the unscheduled assessment in Kazakhstan. Supreme assessment commission will check qualification of 379 officials, 4,422 people will be assessed by central assessment commissions and 93,816 people will be evaluated by regional commissions. By Aidana Ussupova

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