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Designers interested in orphan from east Kazakhstan 11 апреля 2013, 15:47

An orphan from East-Kazakhstan oblast orphanage has successfully taken part in a fashion designers contest.
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Yaroslav Korchuganov. Photo by Julia Gorbacheva©, yk-news.kz Yaroslav Korchuganov. Photo by Julia Gorbacheva©, yk-news.kz
An orphan from East-Kazakhstan oblast orphanage has successfully took part in a fashion designers contest, YK-news.kz reports. 18-y.o. Yaroslav Korchuganov won the 4th place among 35 participants selected from among 120 candidates. Jury from Turkey, China, Spain and Sri Lanka found his works very interesting. The contest was participated by designers from Almaty, Astana, Shymkent and Pavlodar. Korchuganov was the only student among experienced designers. "The jury said that my designs were very different from all the others. They only lacked some glamor," he said. Vocational training teacher from Ust-Kamenogorsk Service College Galiya Karagayeva said that there was too little time for Yaroslav to prepare for the contest. "We wanted to dodge participation in the beginning. The event was a serious one and there was not much time to prepare. Then we offered Yaroslav to take part in it. His eyes kindled. He drew the sketches for the contest in one night and made the outfits in one week," Karagayeva said. The young designer said that he first touched the needle at the age of 8, however it was hard for him to follow his dream in the orphanage. He first made dresses for his friends' dolls, embroidered and drew. Teachers noticed his hobby and transferred him to a sewing group. Now Korchuganov is studying to become a fashion designer. He has already completed Sewing and Hairdressing trainings. The unusual hobby has not made Yaroslav the target for other guys' mockery. "Yaroslav is very enthusiastic. His eyes glow and he is not embarrassed about his hobbies. He can speak about his plans and ideas for hours. Yaroslav clearly knows what he wants. Perhaps, the guys respect him for his ideas and courage," the tutor of the oblast's youth center Nagima Sultangazinova said. The designer now plans to get a family. "I want to make a wedding dress for my future wife myself. It would also be great if we have a daughter. Or two. Four is even better! I promise that they'll have the most beautiful dresses! A real man has to know how to sow...for a woman," Korchuganov said.

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