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Bearded woman becomes famous in South Kazakhstan 26 сентября 2014, 12:36

65-year-old Mukhtabor Torayeva is the one of the famous people in South Kazakhstan Oblast. She as a 20 cm beard.
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Mukhtabor Torayeva. Frame from KTK TV Channel Mukhtabor Torayeva. Frame from KTK TV Channel

65-year-old Mukhtabor Torayeva is one of the most famous persons in South Kazakhstan Oblast, because she has a 20 cm beard, Tengrinews reports citing KTK TV channel.

Mukhtabor Torayeva from Turbat village is proud of her beard and is not going to get rid of it.

She said that people who saw her first time were usually shocked, but then asked for a photo with her. “We often visit our relatives in Uzbekistan. I am always stopped at the borders, but only for a photo with me. People say they want to show it to their wives and moms. After taking the photo, they let me go. In general, my beard helps me in my life,” she said.

Mukhtabor Torayeva has been happily married for 42 years. She has a son and daughter, and six grandchildren.

She married her husband when the beard was just beginning to grow. He said that he had always been proud of her unique appearance.

“When I was young, I through about shaving the beard off, but religious people told me not to. Allah gave it, and he will take it back. People in the village call me 'big bearded grandmother' and my neighbour goes under the name 'small bearded grandmother', because she shaves her beard," Mukhtabor Torayeva said.

Beard have been a distinctive feature of their family. It passes down from generation to generation through the female line. Mukhtabor’s grandmother, mother and sisters had beard, but her daughter does not have one yet. The woman said the beard usually began to grow at around the age of 25.

By Assel Satubaldina

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