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American traveler reaches Aktau on foot 09 апреля 2013, 10:06

An American traveller has reached Aktau in western Kazakhstan as part of his round the world journey on foot.
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Photo courtesy of lada.kz Photo courtesy of lada.kz
An American traveller has reached Kazakhstan's Aktau as part of his round the world journey on foot, Lada.kz writes. Aktau journalists write that 23-y.o. Andrew Siess has initiated, as he says, the most difficult trip: on foot around the world. He started it when he was 22 and plans to finish it by his 26th birthday. Earlier at the age of 19 he rode around 20 thousand miles on a bike from St. Paul, MN to Ushuaia, Argentina then back home. At the age of 21 the American organized a canoe trip down the Mississippi river to New Orleans. This trip took him 86 days. This time his route laid from the U.S. to Italy, where Andrew boarded a cargo ship. The traveler worked for a bit in Italy and then took off on his backpacking tour. "I walked from Italy to Baku. Why did I choose walking? I have already traveled on a bike. So I decided that I had enough of the transport and realized that I wanted to walk all the to see people, their culture and see the world," Andrew said. Andrew has traveled around 6 thousand kilometers to reach Aktau in western Kazakhstan. He usually walks 40-50km a day. "I started the trip 276 days ago. I stopped in Georgia for two winter months as it was very cold to walk and then got on the way again. I walked all the time. The only thing was that I had to take a ship from Baku to Aktau as I could not walk via Iran because of visa difficulties. There were no other ways and that's how I got to Kazakhstan. I will go to Beijing after that. Step by step, I hope to be back home in two years," Andrew said. The American is registering the whole trip in his diary and plans to write a story about his trip upon arrival back home. "I dream of joining some expedition or a TV channel like National Geographic. Back home I worked as a manager in a cafe, a tennis teacher in Italy but my dream was always to have a job that involves traveling," Andrew said. The traveler tried besbarmak and found out about kumys (mare's milk) and shubat (camel's milk) in Aktau. "I have excellent impression of this city. I ate besbarmak, saw a camel and a horse for the first time in my life, drank shubat and kumys. I have never done this before. People are very friendly here. However, it is very windy and dry. But I like being here and like the Caspian Sea a lot. I know very little about Kazakhstan yet, as Aktau is the first Kazakhstan city I've been to. But I hope to find out more about this beautiful country by the end of the trip," Andrew said.

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