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6 y.o. Kazakhstani dancer to compete in Austria 19 июня 2014, 14:25

Sophie Manasyan, a 6 y.o. dancer from Almaty, is preparing to win hearts at an Austrian talents show.
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Photo  © youtube.com Photo © youtube.com

A 6 y.o. dancer from Almaty Sophie Manasyan is preparing to win hearts at an Austrian talents show, Tengrinews reports citing Express-K.

Little Sophie will perform a complex Indian dance at the upcoming audition. She has been practicing the dance with her choreographer Yekaterina Gamidova. The dancer said she is feeling confident because she has perfected all the dance moves.

Twirling little graceful miss in a bright costume is going to conquer the public and judges at the show. Sophie is full of determination to bring the main price back home.

Sophie is a busy Southern lady. She takes dance and singing classes because in the future Sophie wants to be a famous artist. She also finds time in her tight schedule for photo shoots and to take part in advertisement campaigns.

So far, Sophie has won a number of competitions in the United States, Italy, Russia and Kazakhstan. She was also an honorary guest at the children’s edition of the Eurovision in 2013. The little talent surprised the Moscow audience with her breathtaking Kazakh national dance at the 11th International Festival Moscow Meets Friends that took place from May 26 to June 5.

By Gyuzel Kamalova

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