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19-y.o. Kazakhstani wins at Piter Street Games 14 июля 2014, 22:32

Abay Kozhakhmetov from Almaty has won the first place in Tricking Pro nomination at Piter Street Games.
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Abay Kozhakhmetov. Photo from personal file . Abay Kozhakhmetov. Photo from personal file .

Abay Kozhakhmetov  from Almaty has won the first place in Tricking Pro nomination at Piter Street Games International Festival held on June 28, 2014 in St. Petersburg, Russia, Tengrinews reports.

Piter Street Games is an annual street culture festival held in St. Petersburg. The competition was held at the Palace Square near the Hermitage Museum. Participants competed in skateboarding, BMX, parkour, tricking and workout. Graffiti, breakdance, beat box, DJing competitions were also part of the event.

Tricking is the sport that incorporates martial arts (Karate, Capoeira, Wushu, Tae Kwon Do), acrobatics. gymnastics, break dancing, and other similar disciplines.

19-year-old Abay along with his friends was the organizer of tricking competition held in 2013 in Kazakhstan for the first time.

"Tricking came to Kazakhstan quite recently, about four years ago. And it develops pretty slow in Kazakhstan compared to the neighbouring countries. There are not many trickers. I came into this sport from karate. I learned about it from a YouTube video. Thanks to karate, I had a base to build upon. People come to tricking from different sports. Tricking itself is a very traumatic sport, we often practice on the lawns with no mats, so we get a lot of injuries," Abay Kozhahmetov said. Now, Abay is going to Moscow for the Russian Tricking Championship.

Tricking competitions are held in two categories: Pro and Beginners. Only titled sportsmen compete in the Pro category, but everyone is admitted to the Beginners category, regardless of sex, age or level of training. Judges divide participants into categories after preliminary auditions.

There is a draw after the registration. Once the participants have their numbers they go out onto the tatami (mat) and compete in pairs performing three times each one after another. During the 'battles', judges evaluate the style and technique, complexity of elements, and combinations, and after that announce the names of those who pass to the next round.

The prize pool of the Tricking Pro competition in St. Petersburg was 20 000 rubles ($586) plus prizes from sponsors.

Abay Kozhakhmetov is a second-year student of Almaty Management University. He has been in Karate since the age of six. He won a number of competitions in Karate, including Kazakhstan National Championships.

By Assel Satubaldina

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