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Aldaspan rock band will tour world with electro-dombyras 10 сентября 2012, 14:07

Kazakhstan rock band Aldaspan is going to release three new albums in September and tour the world.
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"Aldaspan" rock-band. "Aldaspan" rock-band.
A unique Kazakhstan ethnic rock band Aldaspan that plays electro-dombyras (dombyra is a Kazakh national long-necked two-stringed lute) will release three new albums and tour the world, Tengrinews.kz reports. Aldaspan is famous for its broad scope of musical directions. The band is recording three albums in three different styles and none of them will be similar to their previous works. The albums will be presented in September 2012 at the headquarters of the First Kazakhstan President Foundation that sponsors the recording of these three albums. The band will start their world tour with China. Aldaspan is the only band in the world that plays electro-dombyras (rhythm, solo and bass) instead of guitars. The band was ranked second in the ration of the leading independent American Roadrunner Records rock chart.
Founder and producer of the band Nurzhan Toishy authored the idea of creating an electric dombyra. He initially came up with it at the age of 15, but it was impossible to implement back then. He came back to his idea in 2009. In 2010 with some help from acoustic dombyra makers of Almaty he made his first dombyra, but it was not good enough to be placed in a concert. He went to Moscow and order making of this instrument there. He got a solo dombyra, a rhythm dombyra and a bass dombyra from Moscow in February 2011. He gathered all the group members in April 2011. By May 2011 they finished their first English album Attila.

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