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13-y.o. Pavlodar boy won China International Accordion Competition 17 октября 2012, 14:40

This is the first time a Kazakhstan citizen wins a Chinese music contest.
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Olzhas Nurlanov. ©Tengrinews.kz Olzhas Nurlanov. ©Tengrinews.kz
13-y.o. Olzhas Nurlanov from Pavlodar has won the 4th International Accordion Competition that was held in the Chinese city of Tianjin, Liter.kz reports. Professor Su Chan Jun, Tianjin Conservatoire of Music director, invited Olzhas to take part in the contest. The boy competed in the youngest age group (13-15 years). There were 22 accordionists who fought for the first place in his group. Olzhas was the only participant from Kazakhstan; all the other musicians were from different regions of China. Contest audition consisted of two rounds. The accordionists had to perform music of different styles, periods and directions. The duration of the contest program should was supposed to be at less 15 minutes. It is the first time when Kazakhstan citizen won a Chinese music contest in the history of Chinese music competitions. Olzhas started taking accordion lessons since he was seven. Olzhas’ father, Meyerman Alimkulov, head of Folk Instruments Department at Pavlodar Music College, teaches the boy. “Olzhas plays about 8-10 hours a day. He is very self-disciplined, ambitious and self-motivated person. He had a love of playing accordion since he was a baby. He was only learning to speak when he turned to the instrument and imitated playing it. And this enthusiasm is still with him now. And no wonder. My wife, Yelena Porshneva and my daughter Sasha both have musical background. We talk about music at home and at work. Sometimes I am joking that Olzhas is a genetically talented boy,” Meyerman said.

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