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Kazakhstan demonstrated its military power at The Constitution Day Parade 30 августа 2011, 16:23

Kazakhstan demonstrated its military power at the Constitution Day Parade.
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Kazakhstan demonstrated its military power at the Constitution Day Parade, Tengrinews.kz reports. The Republic of Kazakhstan is celebrating the 16th anniversary of the Constitution today. Nursultan Nazarbayev, the President of the country and the Supreme commander of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan, congratulated Kazakhstan people on the holiday. “To guard the safety of our Motherland is your holy duty, and you are honored defenders of our homeland. You guard the Constitution and defend the country’s independence. Kazakhstan is the only country that conducts a military parade on the Constitution Day. This is a unique tradition; it shows both the power of our state and our peaceful achievements, the unity and solidarity of our society. I am addressing each of you to be worthy of your high calling, strengthen your morale, improve your military skills. You are the key to the security and inviolacy of Kazakhstan borders,” the President said to the military services. The parade took place at the main square of the country, next to Kazakh Eli monument. Military vehicles columns followed the foot-mobile convoy. First paraded the ground forces. They demonstrated 10 units of T-72B armored fighting vehicle that has a high level of safety, fire power and controllability. The march was continued by a new heavy flame-blast weapon system TOS-1 that has been purchased recently. It is a military vehicle that hit a target that is 6 kilometers away. It is intended for destruction and it works on the differential pressure, the Ministry of Defense said. “Buratino heavy flame-blast weapon system can burn out enemy’s operating sites,” the Ministry’s press-office said. The ground forces’ Infantry Combat Vehicles-2 continued the Parade. The mobile anti-armor missile system Shturm-S followed anti-air missile system Strela-10M. The Land Rover car with the Colours of paratroopers passed the square along with the Kazbat Peacekeeping Battalion on Hummers. Then a convoy of armored troop carriers demonstrated a modernized fire power BTR-82A vehicles. 122-millimetre howitzer D-30 passed in a mechanical convoy of a joint rocket and artillery regiment and 152-millimetre howitzer Msta-B artillery battery followed it. The battery shoots up to seven shots in a minute. There were also Tulpan (Tulip) mobile mortars, Smerch, Grad (Hail), Uragan (Hurricane) the jet valley fire systems, Tsikada mobile interference station, S-125, S-200, S-300 surface-to-air missile systems. Mi-17 helicopters opened an aerial Parade. Two flights of Mi-24 helicopters and a flight of Army multirole Mi-17 helicopters followed them. TU-154, TU-134, IL-76 and fighter Mig-29 flied over as well as a flight of AN-26 military cargo planes and two flights of SU-25 battle-planes. Mig-31, a new generation interceptors followed them. Zhetisu-sunkary aerobatic demonstration team were the finishing touch of the aerial parade. Aerial stunt Bayterek was demonstrated at 800 kilometers per hour speed. They performed the loop as well. 2500 soldiers, more than 130 units of military vehicles and 60 airplanes and helicopters took part in the Parade. It is expected that the celebration of the Constitution Day in Astana will finish with fireworks. It will start at 10 p.m.

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