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Kazakhstan needs new military education system

29 march 2013, 16:38
Kazakhstan army. ©REUTERS/Shamil Zhumatov
Kazakhstan army. ©REUTERS/Shamil Zhumatov
A review of military education system is suggested in Kazakhstan, president of the Military-Strategic Research Center Bakytzhan Abdiraiym told Tengrinews.kz.

The expert named three major problems of Kazakhstan army. First of all, this was a lag of Kazakhstan’s Armed Forces in terms of technical re-equipment with new armament and military vehicles. According to him, this had a negative impact on Kazakhstan’s military potential. The expert suggested to solve this problem by continuing procurement of new armament and military vehicles, as well as by repairing and modernizing the existing armament and military vehicles. “Besides, we need a strong boost in development of a local military-industrial complex, including jointly with leading producers of modern armament and military vehicles,” Abdiraiym said.

The speaker believes that the second problem of Kazakhstan army lays in insufficient efficiency of the management system. “To resolve the issue we need to step up introduction of automated systems of management of troops and armament at all levels of management, from tactic to strategic,” the expert said.

The quality of military education is the third problem of Kazakhstan army. According to the expert, Kazakhstan has to pay more attention to improvement of military education and research system. “In my view, that requires reviewing the whole military education system, starting from the initial military training of high-school students to the military-academic education. Kazakhstan militiamen should be educated not only in Kazakhstan, but also in the leading universities of the world, and not only in military ones. We have to focus our efforts on raising intellectual commanding officers,” Abdiraiym explained.

Besides, the expert believes that Kazakhstan’s approach to military science and research has to be reviewed as well. According to him, it is currently not considered one of the priorities of Kazakhstan's scientific development. He suggests to use the international experience and identify priority areas in defense and security, to create a special scientific council and to secure funding for the effort.

Abdiraiym believes that considering all the latest tragic events in Kazakhstan Armed Forces and border services, it is important to pay close attention to psychological fitness and stress resistance of military personnel. According to him, the reasons behind the recent wave of suicides among military officers mainly layers in their low psychological resistance.

Nevertheless, he characterized the general situation in Kazakhstan army as a positive one. According to him, the situation in the army had changed in the last years, while the number of crimes and incidents decreased several times. “Of course, not everything is as well as we would like to be, but we should not forget that the army does not exist separately from the community. All processes happening in the army are reflecting the processes happening in the community,” he stressed.

By Vladimir Prokopenko

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