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Where the gold is in Kazakhstan? 27 мая 2014, 16:48

IdeaLab has calculated the amount of gold reserves and mapped out the gold deposits in Kazakhstan.
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Where the gold is in Kazakhstan? Literally. IdeaLab has calculated the amount of the reserves and mapped out gold deposits in Kazakhstan in accordance with the data from the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of Kazakhstan, Tengrinews reports.

The largest gold deposit is situated in Eastern Kazakhstan Oblast. The deposit holds 537.4 thousand kilos of gold that is equivalent to $22 billion. The second largest deposit is in Akmola Oblast with 259.9 thousand kilos of gold worth $11 billion. Karaganda Oblast is in the third place with 114.8 thousand kilos of gold. In money equivalent the deposit is worth $5 billion.

Kazakhstan total gold deposit amounts to 1 159 687.4 kilos of gold. All in all, the rich Kazakh land banks $48 billion in its interior strata.

By Gyuzel Kamalova

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