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Kyrgyzstan prolonged contract on gas supply from Kazakhstan 01 июня 2012, 18:45

KazTransGaz has prolonged the contract to supply 70 million cubic meters of gas to Kyrgyzstan, Deputy Director General of Kyrgyzgas, Yevgeny Orlenko said.
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Gas compressor station. ©RIA NOVOSTI Gas compressor station. ©RIA NOVOSTI
KazTransGaz (Kazakhstan national gas transportation company) has prolonged the contract to supply 70 million cubic meters of gas to the neighboring Kyrgyzstan, KazTAG.kz reports citing Deputy Director General of Kyrgyzgas (Kazakhstan national gas company) Yevgeny Orlenko on May 30. KazTransGas prolonged the contract on gas supply in the amount of 70 million cubic meters at $224 per one thousand cubic meters. This amount of gas will be enough till October," Orlenko said. According to Orlenko, Uzbekistani gas should be enough till the end of the year. "The whole South Kyrgyzstan is supplied by gas from Uzbekistan. The yearly demand is 40 million cubic meters. The contract with Uzbekistan on supply of 100 million cubic meters of gas to Kyrgyzstan was signed back in December, 2011. In case North Kyrgyzstan will run out of gas, they may use the gas supplied by Uzbekistan, same as they did this winter," Orlenko said. According to Orlenko, a new contract with KazTransGas will be signed in autumn. And a new contract with Uzbekistan will be signed in the end of December, 2012. It was said, that an increase in KazTransGas' gas price for Kyrgyzstan is still possible. "Taking into account the debt of Kyrgyzgas, and in order to the return money owed to KazTransGas, there is a possibility that the gas price is going to be increased. But the size of the increase will depend on amount of debt repaid," General Director of KazTransGas Nurbol Sultan said answering the questions on the company’s website on April 18. According to the company’s information, the current purchase and sale agreement between KazTransGas and KyrgyzGas expired on May 1, 2012. Kyrgyzstan debt for the consumed nature gas from Kazakhstan made $31.2 million as of May 8.

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