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Hardly will anything change drastically following the accession into the WTO: Kazakhstan Finance Minister 30 июля 2013, 17:03

According to him, Kazakhstan lives up to 90% of the WTO’s requirements.
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Currently Kazakhstan has met 90% of the WTO’s requirements, the country’s Finance Minister Bolat Zhamishev said in an online conference arranged by Bnews.kz. “We have met 90% of the requirements (…) hardly will anything change drastically following the accession”, Mr. Zhamishev elaborated. According to him, a pressing issue for Kazakhstan with regards to joining the WTO is to retain the rights to subsidize the country’s agriculture. “Kazakhstan’s stance is to enjoy conditions offered for a number of WTO member states. I believe the result of the talks will be favorable, with Kazakhstan being granted some special conditions other member states enjoy”, he said. Kazakhstan may become a member of the WTO (World Trade Organization) in 2013, RIA Novosti reported, citing WTO Director General Pascal Lamy as saying mid-January 2013. "Kazakhstan is currently at quite an advanced stage of negotiations on entering the WTO and I would suppose that Kazakhstan's jointing the WTO may be expected even this year," Lamy said on the sidelines of the Gaidar Forum in Russia. Earlier Kazakhstan Minister of Economic Integration Zhanar Aitzhanova said that Kazakhstan would complete its negotiations on accession into the WTO in the first half of 2013.

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