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Failing Bolashak scholarship holders to pay off $2.1 million 25 ноября 2013, 23:56

Up to now there have been 40 such cases, with 90% of the failing students voluntarily paying off the money.
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Bolashak scholarship holders who have been deprived of the scholarship due to poor performance owe $2.1 million, Newskaz.ru reports, citing Mr. Gani Nygymetov, President of the Center for International Programs under the country’s Ministry of Education and Science. “If a student’s performance is lower than a certain standard, s/he is obliged to pay off to the state all the money allocated as a bursary. Up to now there have been 40 such cases, with 90% of the failing students voluntarily paying off the money. Altogether, such failing students owe $2.1 million”, he said. In a separate statement he said that “the Center seeks to tighten requirements to prospective Bolashak bursary holders. (…) Among other things, we want to tighten language competency requirements to people seeking international internships”. Besides, the Program administrators want to renounce some UK-based universities to be more focused exclusively on the very top universities. “Oftentimes we hear about UK-based universities reportedly decreasing their requirements to Kazakhstan’s people seeking enrollment. We want to revisit the list of universities we cooperate with to make sure we only cooperate with universities providing best possible service”, he said. The program "Bolashak" ("Bolashak" means "The Future" in Kazakh) was established by a Decree of the President Nursultan Nazarbayev in November of 1993. The program seeks to provide an opportunity for the most talented students from Kazakhstan to gain higher education at the best universities overseas. The bursaries depend on the host country and the university’s status and cover all education-related expenses. Upon completion of their programs, scholarship recipients return to Kazakhstan to work in different Kazakh companies, governmental structures and international organisations for a period of five years. Tengrinews.kz reported earlier that more than 1000 Kazakhstan students had traveled to study abroad under Bolashak program in 2012.

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