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Analysts forecasted rapid development of IT sector in Kazakhstan 04 сентября 2011, 11:47

Experts of J'son & Partners published a forecast of IT market development in Kazakhstan.
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Photo courtesy of nnm.ru Photo courtesy of nnm.ru
Experts of J'son & Partners analytical company published a forecast of IT market development in Kazakhstan, Tengrinews.kz reports. As per the analytical article of the company's Managing Partner Karl Johannesson, there is a positive tendency of IT market development in Kazakhstan, despite of hysteresis of IT sector and deficiency of experts. According to J'son & Partners, IT industry in the country is responsible for only 0.5 percent of GDP. Head of J'son & Partners notes that funds allocated for development of IT in Kazakhstan will be increased to $1 billion in 2012-2013. “A big challenge for Kazakhstan in the next 2-3 years will be creation of conditions for competitive market that can lead to a change of the paradigm towards rendering a wider range services and innovations,” Karl Johannesson noted. Head of the analytical company thinks that IT market in Kazakhstan is developing mainly because of development of cellular communications and Internet-coverage of the vast territory. “In future we are expecting a significant improvement towards applications for smartphones and pads, innovations with open source code and cloud technologies in Kazakhstan,” Karl Johannesson said. As per the company's information, income from IT market in Kazakhstan made $750 million and this number will increase significantly by the end of 2012. “Kazakhstan IT market is developing quickly and has evident perspectives for new market players with innovative solutions,” the head of the company noted in the article. According to Karl Johannesson, foreign partners and especially investors from Russian and other CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) are playing an important role in Kazakhstan's IT market. J'son & Partners is one of organizers of Digital Communication Kazakhstan-2011 exhibition and conference to be held in Independence Palace in Astana on September 14-16. The event will be attended by major international companies working on developments on Internet, cloud technologies and cellular communications. Representatives of such leading brands as Google, HTC, Mail.ru Group and Huawei Technologies will make speeches at the conference.

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