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Almaty to beat Moscow by trade areas supply 20 мая 2014, 15:55

Almaty will outgrow Moscow by Gross Leasable Area per capita in two years.
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Almaty will outgrow Moscow by Gross Leasable Area per capita in two years, Tengrinews reports referring to IDEA LAB.

According to forecasts of NAI Aristan consulting company, a Kazakhstani branch of NAI Global, 330 thousand square meters of Gross Building Area (the total floor area inside the building envelope) will be put in exploitation in 2015-2016. This will bring the Gross Leasable Area (GLA) (the floor space available to be rented in a commercial property) to 584 square meters per 1000 people. Now it is at mere 225 square meters per 1000 residents in Almaty, whereas in Moscow it stands at 360 square meters per 100 residents. 

Such growth will be happen thanks to opening of a new Aport Mall on Kulja highway at the outskirts of the city, Dostyk Plaza on the crossing of Dostyk and Zholdasbekov streets, Mega Park trade centre at the crossing of Makatayev and Seifulin streets and a trade centre of the Zheruiyk multi-functional centre between Al-Farabi street and presidential residence.

However, the outgrowing will be possible only if Moscow does not commission any new large malls in the nearest years. And this might not be the case, because in 2013 it saw opening of 11 new trade centers. 

New York is the leader in GLA ranking with its 1050 sq.m/1000 people. It is followed by London with 810 sq.m/1000 people and Paris with 750 sq.m/1000 people. Kazakhstan's Astana GLA is at 334 sq.m/1000 people.

Writing by Assel Satubaldina, editing by Tatyana Kuzmina


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