Massimov: Business finds it hard to react to CU decisions fast enough

13 июля 2011, 13:58
Karim Massimov. stock photo
Karim Massimov. stock photo
Kazakhstan Prime-Minister Karim Massimov took part in the press-conference following the forum called From the Customs Union to the Common Economic Space: Business Interests in Moscow, PM’s Facebook page writes.

According to Massimov, “creation of the Customs Union and Common Economic Space has been so quick that business does not always manage to react to the decisions.”

Besides, Massimov emphasized that the Common Economic Space will come into effect on January 1. He explained that this is “common competition policies, free movement of goods, capitals and labor force. According to him, the CES provides unprecedented new opportunities. That is why governments of the CU countries have to prepare and carry out awareness raising work.

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