Kazakhstan won’t give up on planned nuclear power station

16 марта 2011, 13:26
Kazakhstan won’t give up on the idea of constructing a nuclear power station, a Tengrinews.kz journalist reports. That was announced by Duisenbai Turganov, Vice Minister of Industry and New Technology, at the 7th Congress of power engineers.

“We think we should’t give up on the idea of constructing a nuclear power station in Kazakhstan. But we should be more careful when selecting potential projects and should pay greater attention to security issues”, he said. In this context, the draft program of nuclear industry development in Kazakhstan “is likely to be amended”.

“All that has been happening in Japan has spawned a problem of radiophobia. The draft program is sure to be further scrutinized. But the draft program seeks to introduce the whole nuclear cycle in Kazakhstan, including construction of a nuclear power station”, he said.

The draft program has been approved by the Government and is currently being coordinated with the Presidential Administration.

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