China ranked 1st by numbers of labour migrants in Kazakhstan

31 марта 2011, 14:51
Chinese worker. By Yaroslav Radlovsky©
Chinese worker. By Yaroslav Radlovsky©
Kazakhstan accepts more Chinese labour migrants than from any other countries, reports.

Birzhan Nurymbetov, Vice Minister of Labour, voiced the statistics at a symposium in Astana today.
According to him, for 2011 Kazakhstan has set a quota for imported labor force at 72.5 thousand foreigners. As of today, 29 thousand people have already obtained respective work permits.

“Foreign labor force is classified as follows: top management, middle management, employees, season workers, unskilled workforce. The share of highly qualified foreign personnel working in Kazakhstan stands at 75% of all the labor migrants. Most part of them come from China, followed by Turkey, Great Britain, India and Italy. Altogether, Kazakhstan has been accepting labour migrants from a total of 100 countries”, Mr. Nurymbetov said.

In a separate statement he said that 9.5 thousand Kazakhstan’s citizens work in Russia under Customs Union regulations.

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