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$260 million allocated for drugs countering in Kazakhstan 11 октября 2011, 18:23

$230 million has been set aside for border services and customs control authorities of Kazakhstan for reinforcement of drug control.
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Photo courtesy of prodetey.ru Photo courtesy of prodetey.ru
Over $260 million have been allocated for countering drug abuse and drug trafficking in Kazakhstan, Tengrinews.kz reports citing deputy chairman of the Commission for countering drug business and control of drug trafficking of Kazakhstan's Interior Ministry Yryskeldy Dzhandarbekov. According to deputy chairman, a major part of these funds, $230 million, is meant for border services and customs authorities of Kazakhstan for reinforcement of customs clearance points. “Kazakhstan has a state program on countering drug abuse and drug trafficking in 2009-2011. Over $260 million were allocated. This year law enforcement authorities have uncovered over 3,000 drug crimes, 1,900 cases of drug sales and over 80 cases of illigal drug trafficking. Over 22,312 kg of drugs, including 93 kg of heroin, were seized,” Yryskeldy Dzhandarbekov said during the second meeting of the regional managing commission held under the program on prevention of drugs distribution in Central Asia. Yryskeldy Dzhandarbekov spoke about distribution of drugs in Central Asian countries. “The problem of drugs distribution is mainly related to production of drugs in Afghanistan and their further transportation along the so-called “northern route”. It is very important for us all to create and enhance anti-drug security belts along the northern borders of Afghanistan,” deputy chairman said. As per the official information, around 25 percent of all Afghan heroin (90 tons) are transported to Central Asia along the “northern route” annually: 75 tons get to Russia. The authorities are capable of confiscating 3 tons only. Annual consumption in Central Asian countries makes around 11 tons of heroin and 33 tons of opium. There are about 2 million heroin users and around 60 thousand opium users in these countries.

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