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EEU to develop 22 regulations for products and services 09 января 2015, 14:56

The Eurasian Economic Union has began its with from developing regulations concerning various products and services.
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Illustration © Tengrinews Illustration © Tengrinews

The Eurasian Economic Union has began its work with developing regulations concerning various products and services, Tengrinews reports citing BNews.kz. 

The Union of Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus that also incorporates Armenia and will soon see Kyrgyzstan as its new member came into effect on January 1,2015. 

Belarus was assigned developing 2 regulations while Kazakhstan has 3 and Russia is responsible for 14 regulations. In addition, the Eurasian Economic Committee will develop three regulations for the EEU.

In particular, Belarus will work on regulations concerning requirements for mineral fertilizers and restrictions on use of dangerous and hazardous substances in electric and radio engineering.

Kazakhstan will develop regulations for safe fish and fish-related products, safety of livestock feed and feed supplements, and requirements for production of coal and products processed from coal.

Russia was assigned development of regulations for various goods and services varying from alcohol and tobacco goods, poultry, oil, natural gas, oil products, recreational facilities, fire safety, to equipment for emergency situations and civil protection. Russia will also develop regulations concerning information for consumers about electric efficiency of electric goods, safety of materials that come in contact with food, and safety of buildings, construction materials and equipment.

The Eurasian Economic Committee will be working on regulations for safety of yjr equipment used at playgrounds, requirements for the efficient use of electric devices, and safety of drinking bottled water.

In addition, it is planned to make changes to some of the current regulations. Belarus will make changes in 6 regulations, Kazakhstan in 2 and Russia will update 7 regulations in effect.

The official website of the EEU contains information on changes in the existing regulations and adoption new ones.

By Gyuzel Kamalova

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