Citizens of CU countries may carry 2 cell phones and 3 liters of alcohol through customs

16 августа 2011, 12:09
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The federal customs service has issued a memo for passengers following through the border of the Customs Union (CU) by different types of transport, TIA Ostrova reports citing press-service of Sakhalin customs.

Now, if cost of the goods exceeds 1.5 thousand Euro and their total weight is over 50 kg, the passenger has to declare the baggage in passenger’s customs declaration. Residents of the CU countries will be able to pass the customs with 2 mobile phones and 3 liters of alcohol without customs duties. It is allowed to import 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars or cigarillos, 250 grams of tobacco (total weight not more than 250 grams per one adult person). In order to avoid incidents at customs, especially regarding the cost of expensive goods, declarations have to be supported by checks.

Imported and exported cash over ten thousand US dollars, personal cars, precious inherited goods also have to be declared. Besides, exported state awards and gems also require declaration. Endangered animals and plants are also in the list of goods requiring special documentation.

Tourist duffel, sport and hunting munitions are allowed to be transported through borders. The list of allowed goods also includes portative video-players, voice recorders, DVD-players, radios, TV-sets with the screen size not exceeding 42 cm, binoculars, laptops in the amount of not more than one unit.

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