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PHOTO: Women of Kazakhstan army temporarily allowed to cover faces 15 августа 2011, 18:58

Journalist of Tengrinews.kz personally checked on preparation for a military parade timed to Constitution Day in Astana.
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Military women were allowed to cover faces and wear sunglasses because of heat and dust. ©Renat Tashkinbayev Military women were allowed to cover faces and wear sunglasses because of heat and dust. ©Renat Tashkinbayev
Twice more military women will take part in the military parade timed to Kazakhstan Constitution Day than last year, Tengrinews.kz reports. Over 2,500 military men have been rehearsing the march in the area of the military base 68665 for over two weeks. The march will be held next to Kazakh Eli monument on the Constitution Day. A camp with medical station, field kitchens and saunas has been set close to Astana. Military men spend 6 hours a day preparing for the parade. Rehearsals are held before and after lunch. This year the parade is timed to the 20th anniversary of Kazakhstan independence, that is why there are more participants than usual. Twice more military women will take part in the parade. The total will make 200 women this time. Military women are rarely distinguished from the general troops. But this is the rare case now: their faces are covered and they are wearing sunglasses. But it turned out that such ammunition is temporary, only for the rehearsals. According to the manager of the military parade Yerkebolat Ospanov, this small advantage was given to women because of the heat and dust. The rest of the requirements for women are the same as for other military. Mountain troops in full ammunition will join the parade for the first time and the military orchestra will be much larger: the total number of musicians will be around 300 people. The officers will be wearing a new parade uniform, which is currently being made by two Kazakhstan factories. Other military men will will march in alert clothing. “The drummers from Zhas Ulan school will be the first to walk on the main square. They will be followed by the trooother the Central Office of the Defense Ministry. They will be followed by ground forces of South, East, West regional command, missile forces, artillery, air cavalry, then the staff of the Military Education and Science Department and students of military universities. Next will march the troops of military police, navy, air defense, internal security forces, military academy of border troops and divisions of military navy border guards. The parade will be wrapped up by the National Guard,” Yerkebolat Ospanov said. Military vehicles will also take part in the parade. A few days before the Constitution Day all the participants will move to Kazakh Eli monument in Astana, where several general rehearsals will be held. By Renat Tashkinbayev

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