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New initiatives of the Finance Ministry Tax Committee 02 августа 2011, 01:16

Among other things, Tax Committee seeks to launch electronic auction platform to sell distrained property.
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Photo courtesy of ci.kent.wa.us Photo courtesy of ci.kent.wa.us
In the nearest days Kazakhstan will launch electronic auction platform to sell distrained property, Head of the Finance Ministry’s Tax Committee Daulet Ergozhin wrote in his Twitter. “Transparent trading means bigger proceeds for the state coffers”, he elaborated. In a separate statement Vice Finance Minister Ruslan Dalenov announced that the Tax Committee plans to cut down the tax statements by 2012 from the current 751 pages to 274 pages, which will reduce the required time 2.5 times. “Back in 2008 tax statements used to contain 1320 obligatory pages”, he added in his Twitter.

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