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Kazakhstan and Belarus to agree on oil supplies 25 мая 2011, 00:26

We are very much interested. This will enable us to diversify oil supplies: President Alexandr Lukashenko.
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Presidents Nursultan Nazarbayev and Alexandr Lukashenko of Belarus have agreed on Kazakh oil supplies to Belarus, Tengrinews.kz reports. Following the bilateral talks in Astana May 24, President Nazarbayev told about prospects of Kazakhstan’s oil going to Belarus. “Energy dialogue has a vast potential. Notably, I mean signing an agreement on oil supplies; the agreement will surely take into account all the current international commitments of the two nations”, President Nazarbayev said. President Alexandr Lukashenko of Belarus expressed satisfaction with the talks. Notably, he commended the prospect of receiving Kazakhstan’s oil for further processing. “We are very much interested. This will enable us to diversify oil supplies. And we are ready to facilitate Kazakhstan’s commodities and products entering European markets”, President Lukashenko said. “You can regard the land of Belarus as your own in some sense (…) We are ready to put in place favorable conditions for Kazakhstan’s businesses (…) Transport system in Belarus is well-developed. Every product you produce in your territory you can process in Belarus (…) and promote to European markets”, President Lukashenko summed up.

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