Marchenko surprised to be a possible candidate to lead IMF

19 мая 2011, 19:18
Gregory Marchenko. Photo by Vladimir Dmitriyev©
Gregory Marchenko. Photo by Vladimir Dmitriyev©
Governor of Kazakhstan's National Bank Gregory Marchenko was very surprised to hear our journalist's question about him being named a possible candidate for the IMF chairmanship, reports.

“I don't know, I need to speak to Massimov first. I cannot make any comments, as I was just told about it,” said Marchenko. “Anything is possible in life. Which company's slogan was it?”

“My life goes this way. I never sought any positions but was always appointed. If our country and all developing nations need this, then I will agree. But honestly all this is quite unexpected,” he added.

Trying to imagine the prospect of heading the IMF Marchenko said: “I can't quite imagine my life outside Almaty. I don't like leaving even for two weeks. I lived in Washington in 1994 and this is not the city I would like to live in for a long time.”

Marchenko even joked that the IMF head-quarters could be moved to Almaty.

Earlier Karim Massimov tweeted that the CIS Heads of Government Council backed Gregory Marchenko as a candidate to lead the IMF.

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