Kazakhstan to export 2000 - 3000 tons of bovine meat in 2011: Agriculture Minister

26 июля 2011, 05:32
RIA Novosti©
RIA Novosti©
Kazakhstan plans to export 2000-3000 tons of bovine meat in 2011, Kazakhstan’s Agriculture Minister Asylzhan Mamytbekov said.

According to him, the nation fully meets its domestic demand.

“It’s not an imposing indicator. Cattle farming is an inert process. (…) However, conditions have been put in place to boost export potential”, he said.

Gradually, the bovine meat export figure is to be brought up to 60 000, according to the Ministry. No exact timeframe has been given.

President Nazarbayev had announced early May that the nation had come up with a program to increase environmentally safe meat production. According to President Nazarbayev, the program will enable to export up to 180 000 tons of meat by 2020.

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