Kazakhstan Emergency Ministry to get “fire dread”

28 мая 2011, 15:41
Helicopter K-32. Photo cortesy of helicopter.su
Helicopter K-32. Photo cortesy of helicopter.su
Kazakhstan Ministry of Emergency Situations will have a “fire dread”, Tengrinews.kz reports citing the Minister of Emergency Situations Vladimir Bozhko.

As per Bozhko, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Ministry of Public Health will purchase two K-32 helicopters called “fire dread” in Russia.

“We will be buying helicopters of double purpose with medical and rescue equipment, including two K-32 helicopters that will allow us to extinguish fires in skyscrapers where no ladders in the world can reach. The helicopters can carry a load of 5 tons of water and extinguish fires on any height,” the Minister said.

Currently the rescue station of the Ministry are in very poor condition. As per the Minister, there are only 2 planes and 4 helicopters still operating out of 9 helicopters and 9 planes.

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