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15 kg of unidentifeid radioactive material discovered in South Kazakhstan 26 мая 2011, 14:25

Radiation background of the package is 57 times higher than the maximum permissible radiation level.
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Photo courtesy of vesti.kz Photo courtesy of vesti.kz
A plastic bag with a metal object emitting a radiation background 57 times higher than the maximum permissible radiation level was found underground in South Kazakhstan oblast, Tengrinews.kz reports citing Kazakhstan Ministry of Emergency Situations. It has been detected that this is a 15 kg radioactive material in a leak-proof packaging. The object has been extracted from the ground and is being prepared for transportation to the Institute of Nuclear Physics for further disposal. Earlier Tengrinews.kz English reported that a radiation dump was discovered in Aktobe. The general dump covers the area of 150 square meters while the abnormally radioactive area is 25 square meters. Radiation level in the area is 816 microsievert per hour.

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