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Kostanay wages war against Internet pirates 01 февраля 2013, 15:38

The Justice Department of Kostanay oblast has shared its successful experience of countering Internet pirates.
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Photo by Danial Okassov© Photo by Danial Okassov©
The Justice Department of Kostanay oblast has shared its successful experience of countering Internet pirates, Tengrinews.kz reports. Deputy head of the Justice Department of Kostanay oblast Yerbolar Yerimbet told his colleagues about countering Kazakhstan Internet pirates during a video conference on intellectual property protection. “Monitoring on Internet piracy is easy: go to Google or another search engine, type in “download video” and you'll get a whole list of websites in .kz domain, i.e. these are the websites operating in Kazakhstan. We chose 16 websites,” Yerimbet said and noted that all of these websites were illegally uploading intellectual property. “There is a rule that prohibits website owners from using the domain name to creation websites containing information that violates the Civil Code of Kazakhstan,” he said and noted that the Kazakhstan providers who gave domain names to the websites were sent notifications requesting them to suspend or close the said websites. Similar letters were sent to owners of these Internet resources. “All of these website owners live in Kazakhstan. Two of them live in Kostanay: we have found them. We have sent them notifications informing them of the violation of the law and, realizing their responsibility, they have closed one website,” he said. Deputy head of department noted that mere explanatory letters were enough to get the website closed, “no special checks were made,” he said. “We have to free Kazakhstan segment of the Internet from these Internet pirates. They may open the websites in Africa or in other parts of the world, but not in our country, because we have the law,” Yerimbet said. Deputy head of K Committee of the Criminal Police Commission of Kazakhstan Interior Ministry Uais Yerekesh also talked about his work in the same direction during the video conference. “Starting from this year we have been getting some practical experience of suppression of Internet resources that violate the copyright law. Results have been achieved. We have managed to suppress 5-6 websites. We are also working on detection of Internet resources uploading copyrighted information that are not at the territory of Kazakhstan, but are accessible to our residents,” Yerekesh said.

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