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In 2011 Kazakhstan was among top 20 “junk” email countries 22 февраля 2012, 11:44

The increase in volume of “junk” e-mails coming from Kazakhstan is attributed to the low level of IT security.
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Photo courtesy of vesti.kz Photo courtesy of vesti.kz
Kazakhstan was included in the list of top 20 countries generating e-mail spam in 2011, Tengrinews.kz reports referring to the data by Kaspersky Lab In 2011 Kazakhstan was responsible for 2% of the world's unsolicited promotional emails. In the ranking of counties generating spam e-mails Kazakhstan moved up from 33rd to the 20th place. The top three countries are India, Brazil and Indonesia. The increase in the volume of “junk” e-mails coming from Kazakhstan is attributed to the fact that spammers switched to the countries with low level of IT security. “The general level of information security in Kazakhstan, unfortunately, remains rather low. It is explained by the fact that the majority of internet users are poorly informed about the internet threats, and that non-licensed software, with no timely updates, is often used. As a result it is easy for abusers to infect computers with virus applications that are later used by the spammers for annoyingly persistent advertisement e-mail distribution,” the head of the content analysis department of “Kaspersky Lab” Darya Gudkova commented. It is worth mentioning that spam-users started to conceal their messages under notifications from the public authorities or prominent internet resources, threatening, for example, to block access to the user's account in a social network. Spammers are also exploiting important happenings of the past year. For the topics of their distributions they picked the earthquake in Japan, and the death of Muammar Gaddafi and Kim Jong Il. It was reported earlier that in December 2011 Kazakhstan surpassed the US and Russia by the volume of spam distribution and became the 12th in the world ranking of countries sending junk e-mails. In February 2012 the spammers exploited the St. Valentine’s Day theme. They sent e-mails looking like discount coupons for various goods and services.

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