Microsoft tweaks streaming music plan for Windows 10

08 июля 2015, 11:06

Microsoft has rebranded its subscription-based music services as part of a ramped-up effort to compete with the likes of Apple, Google Spotify and others, AFP reports.

The US tech giant said its Groove Music -- the rechristened name for XBox Music -- will be built into the Windows 10 operating system that is designed to power computers and a variety of mobile devices.

"Our fans asked for faster ways to access the music they love -- quickly, efficiently, and on their favorite devices," Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc said in a blog post Monday.

"And for that, we're proud to introduce the evolution of our current Xbox Music experience, now titled Groove, with new features we think you're going to love.

"Groove describes what people feel and do with music, and is more intuitive for our Windows 10 customers on what they'll find with the app."

Microsoft has struggled to gain traction in music dating back to its device designed to compete with the original Apple iPod -- a portable music player called Zune discontinued in 2011 after some five years.

LeBlanc said the new Groove service will have access to 40 million songs and offer "an improved experience for listening to and managing your music."

Groove will offer ad-free music for downloads and playlists at $10 a month or $99 per year, similar to plans from Apple and Google.

Microsoft is preparing to roll out Windows 10 starting on July 29, first with a small group of "insiders" testing the new operating software, then gradually expanding the base.

The company, which dominates in personal computers but has been lagging in mobile devices, is hoping the new system will help it better compete with Google's Android-powered devices and Apple's iOS hardware.

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