Kazakhstan’s Wikipedia has more than 100 000 entries

02 ноября 2011, 15:56
Photo courtesy of wikipedia.org
Photo courtesy of wikipedia.org
Kazakhstan’s Wikipedia has more than 100 000 entries, WikiBilim Fund’s Press Service reports.
The project to widen the Kazakh segment was launched in June 2011.

“Since the starting date, the number of entries has grown tenfold, exceeding 100 000. The number of active users contributing to writing and editing has grown from 4 to 230 people for the period. Due to the efforts, Kazakh language has raised in the languages ratings from the 125th to the 38th position, joining the list of 40 so-called “mature” Wikipedias of 100 000 entries and over”, the statement reads.

This interim result is the best among all the languages in terms of dynamic growth. Following the Wikimania-2011 conference held in Haifa in August, Kazakhstan’s WikiBilim Fund was tagged Global Wikipedian 2011 and was awarded a grant from Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia’s co-founder.

50 000 entries of the Kazakh Wikipedia have been taken from the Kazakhstan National Encyclopedia.

Earlier Tengrinews.kz reported that NGOs, political figures and common people of Kazakhstan would be jointly promoting and expanding the Kazakh language content of Wikipedia. The major objective of the movement is to bring the number of Kazakh-language entries to 200 000 by the end of the year. This was announced by Rauan Kenzhekhanuly, founder of Wikibilim Foundation [an NGO to develop the Kazakh Wikipedia], at a press conference in June.

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