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PHOTO: Moinak hydroelectric station in Kazakhstan to produce first electricity in 2011 19 октября 2011, 16:50

The scope of performed works is over 90 percent: Asset Issekeshev.
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The valley will be flooded and Bestyube reservoir will appear insted. Total area - 1,045 hectares. ©Dmitriy Khegai The valley will be flooded and Bestyube reservoir will appear insted. Total area - 1,045 hectares. ©Dmitriy Khegai
Moinak hydroelectric power station will produce first electricity this year, Tengrinews.kz reports citing Kazakhstan Minister of Industry and New Technologies Asset Issekeshev as saying during a government inspection. “The scope of performed works is over 90 percent: the dam is fully constructed (The dam comprises 1.5 million cubic meters of earth and 13 thousand cubic meters of reinforced concrete. Its height is 94 meters). Construction of 9.2m-long derivation system is at the completion stage, equipment of hydroturbine facility is being assembled, accomodation for personnel is being constructed (80 residential houses, facilities, roads, communications). Now is one of the key stages of the power station's construction: filling Bestyube reservoir with 238 million cubic meters of water. To summarize, construction is in process and the power station will start operating in December, just as the President instructed,” Asset Issekeshev said during his visit to the power station. Moinak hydroelectric power station with the total capacity of 300 megawatt is the fifth largest and powerful hydroelectric power stations in Kazakhstan and the first electricity-generating facility in the country to be put into operation in the last 20 years. Hydroelectric station is scheduled to be started in December, by the 20th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s Independence. The total cost of the project is over $360 million. Construction is funded by Kazakhstan Development Bank and the State Development Bank of China under the state program of Accelerated Insustrial-Innovative Development. The loan provided by the State Development Bank of China makes around $113 million. Samruk-Energo invested its own funds in the amount of $28 million. Start-up of Moinak power station will allow to produce over 1 billion of kW/hours per year. This will solve the problem of energy shortage in the south of the country. A 5-year industrial program was developed for to step up power generation capacities in Kazakhstan. The plan is to implement 13 projects. Four of them are already operating, another two will be implemented by the end of this year. Over 100 megawatt were put into operation in Kazakhstan last year. “I am sure that the President’s instructions on accelerated development of power energy, which is required for economic growth, will be fulfilled,” Asset Issekeshev said.
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