Part of Karachaganak to be sold to Kazakhstan this week The agreement on transferring 10 percent in Karachaganak oil and gas project to Kazakhstan will be signed this week.
12 декабря 2011
First Kazakhstan aircraft plant to sell planes to Russia First Kazakhstan aircraft plant Sunkar built in Karaganda oblast is to produce aircrafts for Russia in future.
10 декабря 2011
National Anti-Doping Center to open in Kazakhstan National Anti-Doping Center will start operating in Kazakhstan on January 1, 2012.
09 декабря 2011
Zhetygen-Korgas railroad to start operating on December 9 293 kilometers of railroad have been laid, 5 stations, 9 crossing loops, 28 bridges and 2 viaducts were built since 2009.
05 декабря 2011
Kazakhstan to export horse meat to the EU A memorandum between Astana AgroProduct and Italian Naba Carni on a joint horse-breeding venture was signed in Astana.
05 декабря 2011
Scheme of Almaty subway The first stage of the first line of Almaty subway includes seven stations.
03 декабря 2011
Nazarbayev became first passanger of Almaty subway Almaty subway that was under construction since 1988 was launched on December 1.
02 декабря 2011
New Opera and Ballet theater to be constructed by the end of 2012 in Astana A new Opera and Ballet theater that is under construction in Astana now will be put into service by the end of 2012.
30 ноября 2011
First Kazakhstan-made helicopters to be ready this year First 6 locally-assembled helicopters are going to be shipped off to customers shortly.
28 ноября 2011
Astana's right bank will get free Wi-Fi hubs in summer 2012 Free Wi-Fi hubs will appear in the part of Astana city located on the right bank of the Ishim River.
28 ноября 2011
Samruk Kazyna stimulates local producers Samruk-Kazyna Fund offers unprecedented conditions to national producers to produce goods consumed by the Fund's group of companies.
28 ноября 2011
Kazakhstan and Ukraine to jointly produce AN-140-100 aircrafts The agreement on joint production was made during Kazakh-Ukrainian business-forum held is Astana on November 24.
26 ноября 2011
Kiev offered Astana to cooperate in space industry Kiev and Astana could establish a partnership in space industry.
25 ноября 2011
Suspicious people detection system may be implemented in Astana Smart Astana concept was presented on November 23. The concept provides mass implementation of innovative technologies in Astana.
24 ноября 2011
Kazakhstan and Ukraine agreed on joint armor overhaul Kazakhstan and Ukraine agreed to create a joint depot for heavy armor overhaul.
24 ноября 2011
Astana to partially switch to solar energy Astana will be able to partially switch to solar energy in future.
24 ноября 2011
Kazakhstan to pay $100 million for construction of nuclear fuel plant Kazakhstan and France agreed on construction of nuclear fuel plant in East-Kazakhstan oblast.
22 ноября 2011
First Kazakhstan drones will take off in 2013 Manufacturing of drone aircraft is scheduled to start in Kazakhstan in 2013.
17 ноября 2011
Kazakhstan to produce fuel of international standard in 2016 Construction of a new deep conversion plant will start at the Atyrau Refinery shorty. Euro-4, Euro-5 petrol will be produced in the end of 2013.
17 ноября 2011
Almaty subway to open December 1 The cost of one trip in Almaty subway will make 80 tenge (a little more than half of a dollar).
16 ноября 2011

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