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Almaty traffic lights will be equipped with timers in 2013 27 июня 2012, 16:49

All the traffic lights will be quipped with timers in Almaty, Akim (Mayor) of the city Akhmetzhan Yessimov says.
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Photo by Yaroslav Radlovsky© Photo by Yaroslav Radlovsky©
All the traffic lights in Almaty will be equipped with timers, Akim (Mayor) of the city Akhmetzhan Yessimov said at the press lunch on June 25, Tengrinews.kz reports. The works are going to be finished in the third quarter of 2013. Yessimov also added, that six multi-level junctions are being constructed in Almaty city now. Besides, the city is forming its second municipal bus fleet. “If we have 400 buses running on gas, I think we will be able to create a real competition to the privately owner bus fleet (running on petrol and diesel and polluting the air). Several vehicle parks have already been closed and merged largee companies,” the Mayor said. Yessimov also explained the reason of the public transport fare increase. “The cost of the fare - 80 tenge ($0.54) - is based on many components. Petrol prices are rising and this not something the public transport fleets can influence. The salaries are also growing. Every three years passage fares are revised. This year according to the calculation, the passage price should be in fact even higher - 96 tenge ($0.64),” Akim of Almaty said. This year's fare is expected to rise to 80 tenge ($0.54) in Almaty.

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