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Toddler dies after swallowing battery in Aktobe 08 апреля 2014, 19:27

A toddler in Aktobe has died from swallowed battery.
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Photo © RIA Novosty Photo © RIA Novosty

A toddler in Aktobe has died from a swallowed battery, Tengrinews reports citing STV Channel.

The mother of the 1.5 y.o girl turned to doctors after her daughter started having trouble breathing. Doctors at the regional hospital x-rayed the girl but did not find anything abnormal. The next day the parents brought the screaming little girl to the hospital again. After making the second x-ray, doctors were able to spot a foreign object stuck in the girl’s gullet. The foreign object turned to be a small round battery. Doctors managed to get the battery out only 18 hours later in the city hospital.

Unfortunately, the battery had acidified and exuded acid that burned the toddler’s gullet and trachea. The girl underwent 3 surgeries, surgeon Ibat Nurgaliev said. The doctors were fighting for the girl’s life for a month but could not save her.

A pediatric surgeon Bulat Dzhanliev said that there was a growing number of similar cases in Aktobe. In 2013, around 50 toddlers were admitted to the hospital after swallowing foreign objects. In most cases, toddlers got their hands on small toys, sunflower seeds, safety pins and coins. The number of cases of vinegar and dishwashing liquid poisoning also grew. But in cases when children recieved timely medical help, almost all them were saved, the doctor said.


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