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Man freezes in Kazakhstan mall 28 апреля 2015, 00:37

A strange incident involving a man who froze in a shopping mall has occured in Kazakhstan.
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Still from the video showing a man freeze in mall Still from the video showing a man freeze in mall

A man froze in a shopping mall in Kazakhstan’s Taldykorgan, Tengrinews reports.

The video was published on April 20 and immediately went viral on social networks.

One can see the man stands on one same spot and do not react to the people around him. He does not react to either voice or touch.

He reportedly stood that way for several hours until he was eventually put on a stretcher and taken away by an ambulance crew to one of the hospitals in Almaty Oblast.

The Department of Health of Almaty Oblast confirmed that the incised did occur in Taldykorgan on 19 April. As it turned out, the man was intoxicated after drinking too much alcohol. He was brought back to normal conditions and out of the alcoholic stupor in the hospital. After receiving all the necessary medical aid, he returned home the same day.

By Dinara Urazova


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