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Health Ministry bans drugs made by Kazakhstan-based Eleas 04 ноября 2013, 11:51

The Ministry of Healthcare of Kazakhstan has banned the use of several medications, produced by Almaty’s pharmaceutical company Eleas
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The Ministry of Healthcare of Kazakhstan has banned several medications, produced by Almaty-based pharmaceutical company Eleas, Tengrinews reports citing the Almaty Prosecutor's Office. The prosecutor's investigation into legitimacy of registration of Doripenem-Eleas drug (a powder for preparing of infusion mixtures) revealed that the clinical tests of the drug didn't prove it was a safe and effective medication. It was discovered that the report on the clinical studies was forged and the registration certificate permitting distribution and medical administration of Doripenem-Eleas at the territory of Kazakhstan issued on June 14, 2013, was based on the forged report. It was also found that similar violations were made during the clinical checks of other drugs produced by Eleas company: Tseftazidim- Eleas, Superotsen-Eleas , Tsefepim-Eleas and Imitsil-Eleas . All of these drugs are meant to be administered against different kinds of infections, such as intraabdominal infection, meningitis, peritonitis, respiratory tract infections and others. According to the state control data, the drugs weren't produced at the company's plant in 2012 and 2013. A criminal case was initiated by the Almaty Prosecutor's Office in relation to these violations. The case is being investigated now. The Ministry has banned the total of 8 drugs produced by Eleas.

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