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Almaty surgeon invents new type of trocar to treat urological diseases 27 января 2014, 20:06

A surgeon from Almaty has invented a new type of trocar, an instrument used in treatment of urological diseases.
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Photo courtesy of couriarmail.com.au Photo courtesy of couriarmail.com.au
Shokan Bekturganov, a surgeon from Almaty, has invented a new type of trocar, an instrument use in treatment of urological diseases, Tengrinews reports. According to Shokan Bekturganov, his invention is quite different from its foreign versions, including in terms of cost. For example, a surgery involving use of a German trocar costs nearly 15 thousand tenge ($97) at his hospital, and the same procedure that involves use of the Kazakhstan version of trocar costs 700 tenge ($4.5). The difference is so big because the foreign instrument is disposable and the Kazakhstan-made trocar may be used repeatedly, because it is made of stainless steel. 110 operations have been successfully made using this instrument over the last two years. The surgeon added that his trocar has one more advantage -- it prevents blood from getting into the urogenital system. According to Bekturganov such surgeries are held almost every day in the Regional Clinic of Almaty city, where he works. Most of the patients who need this kind of surgery are elder men, who suffer from urinary difficulty. The epicystostomy method used to treat the problem involves puncturing of the patient's urinary bladder with a trocar and entering a drainage tube into it. The surgery is considered to be minimally invasive and the patients are allowed to return home right after the procedure is performed. Mr. Bekturganov designed and created the instrument himself. The trocar of Bekturganov has been patented in Kazakhstan. German and Polish experts have already expressed interested in the invention, but the Kazakhstan surgeon has no intention to sell the technology yet. He stressed that he was going to establish production of the trocars here in Kazakhstan. By Dmitry Khegai

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