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PHOTO: iPad 2 presented in Kazakhstan 18 марта 2011, 20:52

The first iPad 2 presentation in CIS was held in one of Sulpak stores in Almaty.
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By Vladimir Dmitriyev© By Vladimir Dmitriyev©
March 18, 2011. This date will be memorable for Kazakhstan fans of hi-tech devices and new releases: Sulpak trade network selling electronic devices has presented the second-generation iPad in Almaty. This presentation is the first one in the post-soviet space. The new Apple device was launched in US on March 2, only a couple of weeks ago. At the presentation Tengrinews.kz correspondents have tried out the popular gadget and got a feel of its potential. Apple's Steve Jobs said that iPad 2 is thinner and lighter than its previous version. We completely agree. The new pad is indeed thinner and lighter and this is definitely an advantage. In spite of its smaller size and weight the second iPad features a battery providing for up to ten hours of operation. There are no major changes in the outer appearance of the device or the size of its display. Image quality is slightly better. This has been made possible by the A5 dual-core processor, which is twice as fast as its predecessor A4 in the first iPad. iPad 2 is equipped with a new chip that provides higher efficiency. Websites are loaded 20 seconds faster. Camera makes one more key difference. In fact, the new iPad has two cameras. Reviewers and competitors have always pointed to the lack of camera in the device speaking of its weaknesses. Apple has corrected this flaw by installing two cameras instead of one. Its rear camera can record HD-video and the front camera is good for video calls. Apple’s new accessories were also presented. Smart Cover, yet another iPad innovation, is not supplied with the gadget and has to be bought separately. This cover has a colored top magnetic lines and a grey bottom that cleans and polishes the pad’s surface. Smart Cover’s magnets are strong and the pad can be fixed vertically on its side and used as a TV. As for the remaining features, iPad 2 is not very different from the first generation and has everything the previous pad has. The gadget can be used both for business and entertainment. It can be useful for the people who travel a lot as a communication device featuring Skype and FaceTime. Doubtless advantage of buying the new product is the pad’s cost in Sulpak network. iPad 2 is expected to cost around 149 thousand tenge ($1000). However the store has not announced the exact price tag yet. Sulpak promised to start selling iPad 2 in April in two colors: black and white. The Smart Cover will be available in the store. The first pads will be with Wi-Fi only. Delivery of iPads reequipped with 3G-modems has been postponed, since it is not yet clear how they will operate in local networks. By Askar Rakhimov

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