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Tenge bills more beautiful than new $100 banknotes 18 октября 2013, 13:58

The new American $100 bill not as beautiful as Kazakhstan's tenge notes. Kazakhstan currency is "like the Meryl Streep of international bank notes": The Atlantic.
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A new $100 bill. ©theatlantic.com A new $100 bill. ©theatlantic.com
The new U.S. $100 bill not as beautiful as Kazakhstan's tenge notes, The Atlantic reports calling Kazakhstan currency "the Meryl Streep of international bank notes". The United States released the new $100 note on October 8. It is the most complex piece in the American currency technology. Two new special anti-counterfeiters techniques are used on the note: a 3-D blue ribbon woven into the paper with a moving number 100 one it (it shows when the bill is twisted) and the Liberty Bell that changes color to green (it is camouflaged in the copper inkwell, and note has to be angled to make it visible). The new note is the most sophisticate dollar bill that has ever existed, but The Atlantic believes that is nowhere near Kazakhstan tenge in terms of beauty and sophistication. Kazakhstan's 5,000 tenge banknote ($32) became the winner of the International Bank Note Society's Note (IBNS) of the Year in 2012. The bill has the marks that distinguish it as banknote of Kazakhstan. The Golden Man is pictured on the front side of note. Its also pictures the Kazakhstan Presidential Residence, the national emblem and a pair of pigeons hovering over two panthers. The notes have a lot of high level security features, including protective paints in the paper. The 10 000 tenge note was named the banknote of the year by IBNS in 2011. Kazakhstan nominated the 2000 tenge bill for the IBNS awards 2013. "America's new $100 bill is a respectful modulation of a theme, but the fantasy worlds conjured on the Tenge notes are a qualitatively different art form. All Kazakhstan's currency does is look classy, evoke complexity, change its outfit every year, and win every award. It's like the Meryl Streep of international bank notes," The Atlantic writes about the Kazakhstan currency.

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