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Ski jumps construction to be continued in Almaty 04 апреля 2012, 15:50

Almaty city’s budget was increased by 21.3 billion tenge ($144 million).
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International Ski Jump Complex. ©Vladimir Dmitriyev International Ski Jump Complex. ©Vladimir Dmitriyev
Almaty city’s budget was increased by 21.3 billion tenge ($144 million), Tengrinews.kz reports. City authorities allocated 1.5 billion tenge ($10 million) for further construction of Ski Jump International Complex. According to Akimat’s (City authorities) press-office, the city administration allocated 200 million tenge ($1.35 million) for arranging and holding of international sports events in Almaty this year. The authorities are planning to reconstruct some parts of the Big Almaty Channel named after Kunayev. It will cost 195 million tenge ($1.3 million.) 6.4 billion ($43 million) will be aimed at four road junctions construction. 6.6 billion were allocated ($44.6 million) for the heating system reconstruction. 310 million tenge ($2.1 million) are meant for mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems purchasing, designing, development and maintenance. Public housing facilities construction will require 1 billion tenge ($6.8 million), Akimat’s press-release reads. City authorities are planning to support private business enterprises in the framework of the Business Road Map 2020 program by allocating 26.5 million tenge ($17 905) in 2012. 100 million tenge ($680 000) will be transferred to reconstruct and reequip study and training workshops, technical and vocational colleges’ laboratories. 297 million tenge ($2 million) were allocated for provision and expansion of guaranteed free medical treatment. In total Almaty 2012 city budget makes up 331 billion tenge ($2.24 billion). Almaty city’s Akim (Mayor) said that the city authorities must monitor budget expenditures constantly. Maslikhat’s deputies (local representative authorities) should be involved in monitoring process as well.

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