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Los Angeles raises minimum wage for hotel workers 25 сентября 2014, 13:07

Los Angeles voted to raise the minimum wage for its hotel workers to more than $15 an hour.
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Photo courtesy of ja-realestate.ru Photo courtesy of ja-realestate.ru

 Los Angeles voted Wednesday to raise the minimum wage for its hotel workers to more than $15 an hour, in a move opposed by hoteliers but in line with a recent pay hike in Seattle, AFP reports.

The City Council approved a $15.37 an hour wage -- more than twice the national minimum wage -- for hotels with 300 rooms or more by next Tuesday, to be followed by hotels with 150 rooms or more a year later.

Hoteliers opposed the proposed pay hike -- which will affect an estimated 13,000 workers -- arguing that it will lead to job losses or hotels cutting back on services.

Hotels facing bankruptcy or other financial problems would be able to apply for a waiver from paying the new minimum.

Municipal lawmakers will vote again to formalize the deal next week, because Wednesday's 12 to 3 approval was not unanimous.

Seattle approved a rise to $15 an hour over several years in June, the highest minimum wage of any major US city, and San Francisco is due to vote on a similiar move in November.

The current national US minimum wage is $7.25 an hour.

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